Welcome in the Zillertal Alps

High Alps Nature Park

The Nature Park covers an area of 397 km², stretching from Reichenspitze in the east, to the Olperer in the west; and from Mayrhofen in the north, as far as the main ridge of the Alps in the south.

Unique natural experience with 80 glaciers

It offers a unique natural experience with 80 glaciers, an abundance of species at all Alpine altitudes and an unforgettable natural crystal phenomena.It is characterised by an extensive network of trails, 8 shelters run by the German Alpine Association and numerous summit tours.

Other Highlights

  • The Nature Park Centre in the mountaineering village of Ginzling with its Alpine and Nature Park Library.
  • Internationally known climbing and bouldering areas.
  • Nature Park - Via Ferrata at Nasenwand
  • 6 Themed routes (e.g.: the Mountain Reaper's Way in Brandberg)

Permanent Exhibitions:

In addition, there are 3 exciting permanent exhibitions:

  • „Glacier Worlds" in the Nature Park Centre in Ginzling
  • „Cultural Landscape Worlds" in Mitterstall in Brandberg
  • „Ibex Worlds" in Zillergrund

Summer Programme

  • Guided walks to Berliner Hütte
  • Herbal Walk
  • Fascinating Nature Photography Walk
  • Wild Animal Watching
  • A walk with Peter Habeler up to Ahornspitze
  • lots more

Special Offers

There are also special offers for families and children of course:

  • Lama Trekking
  • Cub/Brownie Day in the Fores
  • Children's Expedition to the 'Glocke'
  • and lots more